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Koenei ngā āhuatanga whakahaere i to tātau kura.

These are the guidelines for school governance.



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Kura Committee Terms of Reference


1.1. The function of this committee
The committee is responsible for student achievement through the following:

  • Charter, including strategic achievement and annual planning
  • Review
  • Policy
  • Employment of Staff
  • Asset management including finance and property
  • Legal compliance including health and safety.

1.2. The specific objectives of this committee is;
1.2.1. Write and review Charter, including strategic plan and annual planning
1.2.2. Write and review policies and objectives
1.2.3. Ensure ‘Good Employer’ principles and processes are developed and adhered to
1.2.4. Asset management including finance and property schedules are maintained
1.2.5. Ensure compliance including health and safety of all aspects (physical and emotional) relating to the Kura (whole) are assured.
1.2.6. To learn from past incidents and become aware of future issues that may arise.
1.2.7. Audit & review current policies and documentation, write and develop action plans


3.1. Trustees – Pouroto Ngaropo (Chairperson), Jarrod Dodd (Deputy Chair), Georgina (Nuki) Maxwell (life-long member), Vanessa Hudson, Rob Whitbourne, Leslie Umuhuri (Staff Rep)
3.2. Secretary – Vanessa Hudson


4.1. All Whanau Hui will take place at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Orini ki Ngati Awa.
4.2. Regular Whanau Hui will take place each month which whanau are expected to attend (hui are followed by kai tahi)
4.4. BOT-COMMITTEE – Committee Only Attend.


5.1. Agenda will be prepared by the committee secretary with direction from the Chairperson and distributed at least one day prior to the next meeting
5.2. Dissemination of minutes will occur one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
5.3. BOT-COMMITTEE: Only Kura Committee will be present at these hui should one be required.


6.1. A brief report to the Whanau will be prepared by the Chairperson and distributed to the community via. “Kura Newsletter” once a week.

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Weekends: Closed

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Whakataunga Kōrerotanga

Terms of Reference

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